Marketing and University Relations

The Department of Marketing and University Relations is the interface between the 沃拉沃拉大学 campus family and the wider community. The MUR office also assists the various departments at WWU with a variety of marketing and communication needs.

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MUR Team


Director for Marketing and University Relations
(509) 527-2656


  • M.C.M. University of Southern California; Communication Management
  • B.S. California State University, Los Angeles; Business 政府, Marketing Management emphasis
  • Certificate of Emphasized Study in Social Media, California State University, Los Angeles

营销管理, branding, 广告, and recruitment material creation, oversight of university public relations and the Marketing and University Relations team.


University Relations Supervisor
(509) 527-2363


  • B.A. 沃拉沃拉大学; Communications
  • B.A. 沃拉沃拉大学; French

Oversight of university news stories, Westwind magazine, 部门的通讯, event promotion outside of campus, 每日公告邮件, distribution of press releases and assisting with public relations communications. 



Senior Manager of Media and Design
(509) 527-2083


  • B.A. 沃拉沃拉大学; Communications

Print management, photography, videography 


(509) 527-2514


  • B.F.A. Pacific Union College; Graphic Design
  • A.S. 沃拉沃拉大学; Product Design

Oversight of the university website, social media interactions and advertising, 校园日历, 吉祥物关系.


Marketing and University Relations maintains a 主谷歌日历 对于大学来说. This master calendar is made up of seven contributing calendars:

  1. 管理日历
  2. 学者日历
  3. 艺术日历
  4. 体育日历
  5. 牧师的日历
  6. 校园生活日历
  7. 校友的日历

Please contact your department administrator if you would like to add an event to one of these calendars.

If you have questions, please contact 詹妮弗Buyco at 或致电(509)527-2514.

There are several ways to promote your event to the WWU campus community

日常公告. An email compilation of events and announcements is sent to all students, faculty, and staff at 11 a.m. 周日至周五. 公告 about official WWU news and events can be submitted at

Questions about daily announcements can be sent to 凯尔茜纳什 at

校园海报. You can post approved posters at various locations on campus. To get your poster approved, take it to the 学生生活 office. This approval process applies to materials from students, faculty, staff, and off-campus organizations. 查看WWU投寄政策.

请求新闻报道. Requests for event promotion through WWU social media (Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat), 世界大学新闻频道, and the WWU homepage carousel are considered as they are received. Submit news coverage requests to 凯尔茜纳什 at

添加到在线日历中. Contact the department that is sponsoring the event to have your event added to the online calendar. You can access the calendar at 

Make a post about your event in the WWU app. The WWU app is widely used by students, faculty, and staff. 如果你有WWU的邮箱, you can login and post an announcement on the community feed to promote your event.

Announcement slide at 社区. 提前24小时通知, you can submit a slide to the student life manager to be shown prior to the start of the weekly 社区 program. 

沃拉沃拉大学 live-streams certain events throughout the year, including: 

Athletics programs are live-streamed regularly throughout the year at